A New Plan

August 16th, 2013

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Hosea 10:9-15

In Hosea 10, we read of a positive plan in a directive to the nation of Israel. Now was the time to seek the Lord. They were like earth that needed to be broken for good seed to grow again. If they obeyed they would reap the fruit of unfailing love. This is quite a contrast to sowing wickedness. This new plan would work if they would repent and start anew.

Having served on Prince Edward Island, Canada, Kelvyn learned much good from the farming community and took an interest in the plowing season. There were fields that had hard ground. As the farmer surveyed his field, Kelvyn watched as the tractor dug hard into the baked dry earth and loosened it up. The rain kept it soft until he prepared the ground for sowing. Later on there was a rich harvest of beautiful potatoes.

There is a time to break up the hard ground; a time to sow and a time to harvest. Someone may be coming through a hard time in church leadership. Break up the hard ground through special prayer. Then sow into a new church program and God will give the harvest. Be encouraged!

Author: G. Kelvyn R. Adams


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