He Is Above All

August 15th, 2013

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Hosea 10:1-8

How wonderful it is that our sovereign God is above the sinful evil of this planet earth. This is where our faith rises to a much higher level. His dwelling is in a high and holy place. One day we will leave earth and be taken into His amazing presence forever.

There is much unrest in many nations, yet Christ is the answer. Within the church, there is the work of the Holy Spirit. Prayer cells cause change. The power of prayer is amazing. In desperate times, God sees, hears, and answers. There are people who are a living witness in our nations. They are salt and light. Their witness is strong through Christ’s power daily.

It was during World War II that the late King George VI asked the nation to gather for intercessory prayer, when the British cities were heavily bombed. In our darkest hours of dread, when they did not know if they would survive, the Lord heard the cry of the nation and kept the enemy from invading the British mainland. God protected.

Author: G. Kelvyn R. Adams

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