Speaking Into the Storm

August 1st, 2013

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Hosea 8:1-14

He was in a coma because of an overdose on drugs and it was time for him to walk in a new direction. Support structures were now in place. There was church community ready to support him, but he had to make the decision to fight the addiction or continue to live a life of sowing the wind. Many of us know stories like this. We see God trying to reach them, to heal and to save them, yet they continue to “sow the wind.” So what are we to do?

Maybe, like Hosea, God is calling us to speak a prophetic word into someone’s life. Hosea has spent a great deal of time talking about sin, and now in chapter 8 he begins to primarily discuss the consequences of sin. We never want to be judgmental or belittling, but some of us know people who are simply destroying their lives and they are, or soon will be, reaping the whirlwind.

May God give us the wisdom and boldness to speak challenging words to those who need to recognize that the way they are living will lead to certain death.

Author: Corey MacPherson


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