Not Your Business

July 25th, 2013

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Isaiah 43:16-28

Three-year-old Jonathon ran to his mother telling his little sister’s transgression. “Sissy is being naughty!” Jonathan’s mother thought it was a teaching moment and said, “It isn’t your business. Don’t be a tattle tale.”

A week later Sissy was writing on the floor with a crayon. Jonathan read a book nearby. When their mother came into the room, she corrected her daughter, and then asked Jonathan, “Why didn’t you tell me Sissy was writing on the floor with a crayon?”

Jonathan continued to look at his book, and with an air of unconcern, said, “It isn’t my business.”

When we have been forgiven, we turn from darkness to light. Satan may attack us through the memory of pain we caused others by our sin. Doubters may question our sincerity. Past actions may embarrass us. When attacked, continue to abide in Jesus, read his Word, and remember, the past is in God’s forgiveness. When we are forgiven, our lives go in a new direction. God is “doing a new thing” (v. 19). The old sinner is gone; the new life in Christ has come. The forgiven past isn’t our business any more.

Author: Blair F. Rorabaugh


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