The Finer Things

July 18th, 2013

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Amos 6:1-14

The Israelites were feeling pretty good. They looked around at the neighboring peoples and thought, “We’re pretty tough and successful compared to them. Now we can kick back and enjoy the finer things! We can lounge around, have some friends bring over their musical instruments for a jam session, and enjoy the finest food and drink. This is the life!”

How wrong they were. Material and political prosperity were more important to them than spiritual gains. They were complacent about the nation’s unfaithfulness to God and mistreatment of the weak and defenseless. Instead, they should have considered pleasing God as their highest goal whether they had riches or not.

Israel also made the mistake of thinking they achieved victory in battle by their own efforts. They had delusions of grandeur.

Consider your own heart today. Have you been so preoccupied with possessions and your lifestyle that you have made spiritual things a lower priority? Do you take the sole credit for your successes rather than glorify God for His part in the situation?

Author: Ryan R. Pettit

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