The Redeemed Remnant

July 13th, 2013

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Amos 3:7-15

On the opinion page of the local newspaper, a letter stressed that religions must adapt to the culture or face extinction. Certainly the Church should present the gospel of Christ in a way that is relevant to the hearers, but we cannot abandon the core of our faith or compromise our relationship with God.

The difficulty in Israel was they adapted to the pagan cultures around them to the degree they were no longer distinguishable as God’s chosen people. The outcome would be the coming of God’s judgment. Even at that point God was there to rescue and save. He was not willing any should perish. Amos called to them, “Seek [God] and live;” “Hate evil, love good; maintain justice” (5:4, 15). Amos even interceded for them, “Sovereign LORD, forgive” (7:2). God repeatedly brought difficulties upon the nation, not in anger but to lead them to repent and return to Him (4:9ff). A remnant did turn to God. He still had a people.

Author: Ronald Beech

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