Justice For All

July 11th, 2013

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Amos 2:6-12

When Amos first announced God’s coming judgment upon the pagan nations and upon Judah, the northern kingdom of Israel must have felt that God’s favor was with them. After all, weren’t they successful and prosperous? This is a sure sign of God’s blessing, they thought. But their pride quickly dissipated when they heard the thunderous words: “For three sins of Israel, even for four.” Judgment is coming. Why? They were very religious. Their love for ritualistic worship had displaced God’s supreme law. When love for God was lost, their worship became a sinful act of disobedience and immorality.

Supreme love for God is readily shown through acts of love. Following the destructive eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, a seminary joined with local churches to provide facilities for many whose homes were destroyed. Later, when the gospel was presented in that area, the people were attentive and receptive. They had seen through the lives of believers something of what a loving God is like.

Author: Ronald Beech

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