I Have To Know!

June 27th, 2013

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Mark 13:1-13

“Aw, c’mon!” I implored my daughter. “Tell me what happens!”

My daughter gestured me to be patient. “Just keep watching,” she said.

It was a frequent scene whenever we watched a drama or adventure she had seen before, and I pleaded with her to tell me the outcome. How would it end? Amid all the difficulties depicted was there any hope of good news? I wanted to know!

The disciples were likely unnerved and also troubled by Jesus’ predictions of future hard times, and they naturally wanted to know if there was any good news among all the bad. After all, it’s only natural they would want to know how they were personally affected. So what was the outcome for them and also for future believers? Was there hope? They wanted to know!

Then Jesus reassured them. Before any of these predicted tragedies occurred, “The gospel must first be preached . . .” Everyone everywhere was to hear the Good News, and have the opportunity to believe in Christ. They might not escape the upcoming struggles, but their spiritual future was assured. As always, God provides mercy before judgment.

Author: Anne Adams

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