Servant or Son?

May 11th, 2013

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Luke 15:25-32

The younger son rebelled, lived a wild life, and then returned home. He came humbly, feeling unworthy to be anything more than a servant. The older son was dutiful and obedient. He was a model son, but felt like a slave. He was filled with resentment that he had not received more in return for years of hard work. He deserved better and the party for his brother only increased his bitterness.

The older son didn’t understand that his father’s wealth was his too. He only had to ask. He never realized how blessed he was to be a loved son, at home with his father. Sadly, he didn’t share his father’s love for his brother or his joy at his return. The father called them both “my son.” He wanted both of them to enjoy all the blessings of his house.

God is like that. He gives us work to do in his kingdom, but the love relationship comes first. God is our Father and wants us to live abundantly, not as servants but as loved children. Then he calls us to witness and work and welcome lost ones.

Author: Juanita Nelting

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