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May 9th, 2013

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Luke 15:1-10

We mark the special days in our lives with all kinds of festivities. In addition to days on the Christian calendar, we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and national holidays. The first snowfall or last day of school may call for a party, with cakes and decorations.

We don’t have a party, but are relieved and grateful when something that was lost is found. Some losses are more serious than others. People are irreplaceable, so there is great joy when a lost child is returned to the family. When soldiers come home the whole community celebrates with bands, flags, and parades.

Jesus talked about a lost sheep. A lost sheep can’t find its way home, so the shepherd went searching and found it. There was great gladness when he brought it home. A woman lost a coin, worth about a day’s wages. When she found it she called for her friends to rejoice with her.

We can only wonder how they celebrate in heaven. Do trumpets sound, bells ring, angels sing? We don’t know, but Jesus tells us why they celebrate. One thing adds to the joy of heaven, a sinner who repents.

Author: Juanita Nelting

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