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May 4th, 2013

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1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

When my nephew was born, we said, “He looks like his dad.” My niece got high marks in school because of a good mind and self-discipline. We assume success in business comes from hard work and wise choices. We attribute long life to good genes and a healthy lifestyle.

How do we explain an exemplary, faithful, loving, witnessing church, like the Thessalonian church? Paul wrote about their work and faith and love and endurance. They had become imitators of the Lord. They were joyful in suffering, an example to other believers, shared the gospel, and were well-known for their faith in God. What a church!

These believers had “turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God” (v. 9). Why did idol worshipers turn to God, and how did they become such amazing Christians? Paul took the gospel to them, but it was the power of the Holy Spirit that convicted them. The Spirit led them to repentance and faith and went on working in their lives—the power of the Holy Spirit working through God’s people.

Author: Juanita Nelting

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