Really Good

April 30th, 2013

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Psalm 34:8-14

When we find something that is really good, we tell someone about it. If a song is beautiful and brings us blessing, we say, “You have to hear this.” When we try a new recipe and the finished product melts in our mouths, we say, “Taste it, you’ll like it.”

David knew God personally. He had learned that God is good and he wanted others to know God too. He urges, “Taste and see that the LORD is good” (v. 8a).

We may have seen something on a dessert display that looked delicious, but we discovered it wasn’t as good as it looked. Those who know the Lord have found he is really good. He loves to give good gifts to those who seek him.

We make choices every day. We may choose what is attractive or popular but not pleasing to God. On the other hand, with his help, we can choose what is really good. As we seek the Lord, learn from him, and follow him, we will be amazed at the blessings he sends. “Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing” (v. 10b). He will transform us, and others will see his goodness shining through our lives.

Author: Juanita Nelting


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