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April 29th, 2013

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Psalm 34:1-7

The psalmist David knew what it was to be afraid. Many times he had to run for his life. Fortunately, he knew the One to call. When David was just a boy he had faced lions and bears, and God had delivered him. God gave him victory when he fought Goliath armed with a sling and stones. He was victorious because he went in the name of the Lord. David was in trouble again but he knew where to go for help. He called on the Lord, who answered and delivered him.

We may go to the telephone book or ask a friend when we are looking for someone to handle a minor repair. Any number of people can unplug a drain or mend a crack. The phone book is not good enough when there is danger or serious illness. When it’s a matter of life and death we dial 911, or the local emergency number, to find a skilled person who can come to our aid.

When we are lost, afraid, and helpless, the Lord is available and able to help. He is waiting for our call. When we seek him, he hears and answers and delivers.

Author: Juanita Nelting

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