Called To Virtue

April 19th, 2013

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Genesis 3:14-19

Satan used a woman to intercept and disrupt the plan of God for a life of holiness for Adam and Eve. God was clearly angry and declared ultimate destruction of Satan. But God also would use the woman. Satan used the woman to bring sin into the garden; God will use the woman to provide a way for all mankind out of sin and back to holiness. God would use a virtuous virgin woman to send his son to deliver all people from their sins.

Satan would try everything including death to disrupt the plan of God again but it would not work. Jesus died by the will of God, not by the will of Satan.

Sin and holiness are choices that we make. Eve chose to reject God’s truth. Mary, the mother of Jesus chose to believe God and obey him in spite of the difficulties of ridicule and rejection. By her faith the Son of God came and defeated the power of Satan so that we become the children of God reborn to live holy lives. We are empowered by the living Christ to live in holiness and virtue.

Author: Marilyn A. Coffman

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