Called To Accountability

April 18th, 2013

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Genesis 3:8-13

In a garden that was once perfect in true, pure innocence and intimacy with one another and with God, as suddenly as the shattering of a window pane, the peace of the garden is shattered. There is overwhelming shame, fear, and a need to hide.

How many times have we given in to that temptation that left us empty, disappointed, confused, and regretful? The activity that once was so alluring, so delightful, so exciting now feels so shallow, so empty, and so hollow. What was it? That night of sexual impurity, that peek at pornography, the telling of a tale that was more gossip than prayer request?

“What is this you have done?” God calls you to account.

God’s Holy Spirit is faithful to call us out. When we want to hide, he seeks us out. God’s desire to be with us and meet with us is even greater than our need of him as hard as that is to believe. His desire for you is so great that his day is not complete if he has not had fellowship with you.

Author: Marilyn A. Coffman



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