Eternal Life Begins Now

April 12th, 2013

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John 17:1-10

Remembering missionaries liked to sleep on mattresses rather than woven grass mats, the chief asked his wives to prepare a suitable bed for me in the hut. As I lay down, I quickly realized the bed was actually a wood frame and wire springs covered with a thin blanket.

Knowing that the next day I would be in my own comfortable bed with its soft foam top, I decided to make the best of the situation.

Having eternal life is not just looking for an end of misery or looking forward to a future goal. Eternal life is a present reality. It is living life now in the presence of God and living the life Christ exemplified. Eternal life cannot be earned or merited by good character and being religious. Having eternal life means accepting Christ as our personal Savior and experiencing God in the fullest sense as we walk daily with him. Life is full of surprises–some funny and others difficult to face–but we have an assurance there is a future reward and life everlasting.

Author: Geneva Silvernail

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