A Disconnect

April 8th, 2013

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John 15:1-8

Last week our communication system with the main campus was disconnected. At first, it was a relief not to have emails or telephone calls regarding work to be accomplished and meetings to attend. However, we soon realized we could not do our jobs successfully. We needed to communicate with professors about a class schedule, a staff member about room assignments, and a colleague about the date and place for interviews. We felt frustrated.

A disconnect with God causes problems of even greater catastrophe. At first we may not notice or be affected by being separated from him. We continue to worship in a haphazard manner, we pray inconsistently, and we find Bible reading a waste of time. We fill our lives with work, social activities, sports or exercise, food, electronic gadgets, and digital entertainment. Slowly the relationship with other believers and God begins to erode, and we find ourselves alone.

Apart from Christ, we can do nothing, but we must make the decision to reconnect.

Author: Geneva Silvernail

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