He Is Handling It

April 6th, 2013

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John 14:25-31

Preparing to pass through security on the way back to my mission assignment, Geneva tearfully waved good-bye to her family. At the corner, she looked back for one more glimpse. Her granddaughter Hannah called out, “Don’t worry, Grandma, I’m still here!” Laughing, she relaxed because she realized there would be a conference, another home assignment, and other opportunities to return to the United States and see them–and in the meanwhile, six-year-old Hannah would handle everything.

Jesus wants his disciples to understand that he is coming back and in the meanwhile rejoice, because God the Father who is even greater will handle everything. Throughout the sorrows brought about by the loss of loved ones, the confusion of families being ripped apart by divorce, and the hurt from being misunderstood by the ones we love: we can still rely on our Father to handle it all.

Handling everything doesn’t mean a promise of an easy life and deliverance or protection from harm. It simply means that we can have peace and assurance, knowing that everything will be all right because God the Father is in control.

Author: Geneva Silvernail

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