Show Me The Proof

April 5th, 2013

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John 14:1-14

Philip has just heard that Jesus is going away and that the disciples cannot go with him. Perhaps Philip impatiently or perhaps just being confused says, “Show us the Father. Give us some proof–something we can see, something we can touch. Tell us what God is really like.” He had not yet learned that Jesus had been showing the Father daily through his teachings and in his stories, his prayers, his sermons, and his miracles. Philip did not understand that to know the Father is to experience his Son Jesus, the Christ.

At times we, too, seem to cry out for proof that there is a living God. Foolishly we hang on to a muffin that looks like the face of Christ or follow a preacher who promises material wealth if we only believe. We cry out for God to prove himself through miracles of healing.

Jesus understands the questions and needs of Philip, as well as our needs and insecurities. He explains, “If you accept me, then you know the Father.” Surely this is enough for us.

Author: Geneva Silvernail


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