Jesus, A Teacher Of Transformation

April 3rd, 2013

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John 13:18-30

Distressed in spirit, Jesus knows that Judas will soon betray him. His concern at this time does not come from knowing he will soon be crucified but that the one he truly loves does not accept him as Christ. Judas knows Jesus only as Rabbi, Teacher–one who taught theological information and rules to be applied to a good, moral life. Many of us still accept Jesus only as a great moral teacher. Many will even declare that he did miracles and was surely a prophet of God. However, we stop at calling him Lord. Too often we do not accept Jesus as a teacher of transformation.

Jesus will soon be giving his disciples a command which we call the Great Commission–his disciples are to take a message of transformation to the world. Jesus helps the disciples to understand that many will not accept the message or the messenger. He explains to them that whoever really listens and comprehends the message they preach will be transformed. Lives will be changed; the world will be transformed.

Author: Geneva Silvernail

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