A Cry For Mercy

March 30th, 2013

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John 12:12-19

The buzz was all over town. A man from Bethany had been raised from death to life by the man from Galilee. And now Jesus was about to enter Jerusalem! The crowds greeted him with palm branches and shouts of Hosanna!

However, this was not just a word of celebration, as it seems so often in our church passion plays and music. Instead of shouting “Alleluia” (which means “praise the Lord”), they cried “Hosanna,” which literally means “save us.” Down through the ages, each generation has sought for someone or something to “save them” from their current situation. Some look to the government or to our parents or simply anything to “bail us out” of the predicament we are in.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. Perhaps in your church you waved the palm branches or somehow dramatized the triumphal entry. Maybe this year we should take the time for ourselves to cry out for mercy and salvation. And to cry out on behalf of family and friends who are hurting and lost. As you pray, rejoice! Jesus is coming your way.

Author: Tom Cook



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