Learning Who He Is

March 18th, 2013

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John 10:11-21

As our God, Jesus knows us so well even the hairs on our head are numbered. He created us, and before we speak, he knows our thoughts. No one on earth sees us as intimately as God does. So how can we, as mere men and women, recognize Jesus in our lives?

There are a few things we can do to learn who he is. First, spend time studying the Word of God, meditating on each verse, and talking with others to gain a clearer understanding. By attending regular church services we can also gain knowledge of God. Second, we can learn to hear his voice in a posture of quiet prayer, listening with our hearts. John chapter 14 tells us God sent the Holy Spirit to give us understanding of who he is and to guide us.

We only follow those we trust. Building trust comes from having a daily relationship. He already knows us intimately, now it’s up to us to learn who he is.

Author: Sonya Lee Thompson


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