The Ultimate Fail

March 17th, 2013

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Matthew 7:1-14

The human experience offers a variety of ways to fail. In fact, we have an entire entertainment segment devoted to watching classic failures: the fashion model trips, the news anchor gets tongue tied, and a personal favorite, the water balloon slingshot soaks the prankster rather than the target. But failure is only funny until somebody gets hurt. Race car accidents have no entertainment value until the announcement is made that everyone is okay.

When Jesus spoke of the wide gate and the broad road, he was referring to the ultimate fail; eternal failure. Everyone is not going to be okay! There is nothing worse. There is a big wide road leading to destruction and it is jammed with people anxious to head that way.

Every ugly thing in the world is the result of human failure. Thankfully, Jesus turned the ultimate fail into the ultimate victory. There is a small gate on a narrow road that leads to eternal life, the ultimate victory!

Author: Mark Lail


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