Lacking Nothing

March 16th, 2013

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Psalm 23:1-6

Is there really anyone in the world that lacks nothing? Really? Let’s imagine for a moment the life of the world’s most wealthy citizens. They never worry about basic necessities; food, shelter, and clothing. In the 23rd psalm, David was not referring to this type of wealth when he said, “I lack nothing.” David was sharing that the Lord provides that which money just cannot buy.

The Lord refreshes the soul. He provides guidance for righteous living. He takes the fear out of the dark places. His goodness and mercy are always present and available. He provides for an eternal dwelling. And those are not available at fine retailers anywhere, not for any price!

So, when David testifies that he lacks nothing, he was telling us that life is only complete when the Lord makes it complete. The Lord’s pasture is a safe place. And people are only rich when they are under the care of the shepherd, the Lord.

Author: Mark Lail



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