Safe In Jesus

March 15th, 2013

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John 10:1-10

A gate can serve dual purposes, to keep things in and to keep things out. Jesus was connecting with his listeners for whom agriculture, especially sheep herding, was a daily experience. For those of us who are not shepherds, the meaning is simply that the gate was what kept sheep safe. For the predator, the gate was an obstruction. When not roaming for pasture, typically at night, first-century shepherds held their sheep safely in stone walled corrals and physically stretched out across the opening, becoming the gate. Predators were kept out. The sheep rested in safety on the inside.

Jesus, in proclaiming himself as the gate, indicates that he is the path to safety and to salvation. He protects his followers from false teaching, from those who wish to destroy and the work of the enemy.

He is the only gate. There is no path to salvation other than through Jesus Christ himself. Today is a great day to enjoy the security of the Lord’s protection and care.

Author: Mark Lail



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