Worship Happens

March 14th, 2013

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John 9:35-41

Genuine belief naturally leads to worship. This man, blind from birth, had been on a roller coaster since Jesus healed him. With hardly time to enjoy his new sensory ability he was increasingly pressured by those who were angry at Jesus. He repeated his testimony, told the truth, and they threw him out. He learned early in his experience with Jesus that life is seldom easy and often unfair. Apparently the town buzzed with the news of this abuse for Jesus heard about it and searched him out. What a beautiful illustration of Jesus coming to the side of one of his witnesses. He always does!

There is obvious growth in the faith of the healed man. The time had come for a full confession of trust in Jesus. He simply said, “Lord, I believe” and worshiped. Suddenly his physical healing was the second most powerful experience of his week. His faith was complete. His testimony was pure. And worship happened!

Author: Mark Lail


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