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March 12th, 2013

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John 9:13-23

When the Pharisees asked the newly-healed, previously-blind man the question, “What have you to say about him?” it wasn’t because they were looking for an inspiring testimony. This was no Wednesday night prayer meeting. It was an interrogation. The blind man was on the witness stand, getting the third degree for the second time. First, he’d testified to his neighbors and those who knew him, now the Pharisees wanted the story. This had to feel like being sent to the principal’s office to tattle on your best friend. The Pharisees were looking for evidence against Jesus and they had a live witness, the victim of an atrocity. He was the recipient of a Sabbath-healing. Obviously the Pharisees were the blind ones. They missed the miracle of healing!

The crowd was diversified, perplexed, and included everything from believers to haters. The interrogation yielded a simple phrase, “He is a prophet.” That term had no negative connotation in the New Testament society. It was perhaps the most complimentary, respectful term that he could have chosen.

Author: Mark Lail


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