Obedience Never Hurts

March 10th, 2013

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John 8:48-58

The word “obey” means to carry out a command or order. It conjures up thoughts of military exercises or pet training school. A soldier obeys orders and a well-trained dog obeys commands. The thought of obeying, however, goes against the grain of human nature. Learning to obey is an ongoing experience. One of my earliest memories was sitting near the coal stove in our kitchen, eating grapes. My mom said, “Don’t touch the stove, it will burn you.” I was only four years old, so the word “burn” did not imply pain. So, I touched the stove. It hurt. I remember exactly where the blisters were on my fingers. I learned the meaning of both “burn” and “obey” that day.

Jesus says that whoever obeys his word will never see death. This is a great opportunity to set aside all the ugly means of disobedience that the world offers and simply obey the word. They say that no one should ever say, “never.” Jesus said it without hesitation because eternal life never ends. Jesus’ offer is for eternity!

Author: Mark Lail


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