Hold On

March 9th, 2013

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John 8:31-47

Some of my favorite memories of childhood were when the “feeders” arrived. These were young calves, weaned but less than half grown. Their first steps in the open field after a long ride in a cramped trailer were exciting to watch. Once out of the truck, they were ready for a rambunctious run across their new space. They would run, kick, stop, smell, look, and run some more just to experience the thrill of freedom. The field looked as big as the sky and the calves were only interested in testing the limits of their freedom.

The experience of salvation yields a new freedom similar to that of the calves. The heart breaks free from the boundaries of sin and there is brand new pasture (truth) for the believer to explore. The Lord allows his followers an amazing amount of freedom in this opportunity to follow him. John chapter 8 shows us the relationship between truth and freedom. But it is conditional: “If you hold to my teaching.” So hold on! You are really his disciple!

Author: Mark Lail


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