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March 4th, 2013

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John 7:25-36

Ever since Adam and Eve became obsessed with the fruit of the forbidden tree, people have been fascinated with the forbidden. The lure of the unknown brought pilgrims across oceans and sent astronauts to the moon. There is something about exclusion that stirs interest, cultivates curiosity, and makes us wonder what’s past the “members only” sign.

When Jesus said to his antagonists, “Where I am, you cannot come,” it angered and confused them. Most had not yet recognized him as Messiah. There would come a time, after the cross, that Jesus would be quite findable. The mystery of Jesus’ purpose was what made them so curious. While knowledge of Jesus is always a mystery, it is never a secret. Jesus is all about being found. Jesus revealed himself to make a way for all to come to him; to experience the Father!

Christianity is still a members only club. Everybody gets an invitation but only those who believe get to experience the grace on the other side of the sign.

Author: Mark Lail


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