Where Is Jesus?

February 26th, 2013

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John 6:16-24

Here are two groups: the disciples, cramped onto a boat caught amid wind tossed waves on the Sea of Galilee; and a crowd who believed Jesus had stayed with them on their side of the lake. The group who thought they were without Jesus actually saw him approaching–walking on the water. The crowd, who had shared the meal, where Jesus multiplied the bread and fish, couldn’t find him. How had he slipped away? Jesus had gone up on the mountain when the disciples left in the only boat, but now he was gone, and it was breakfast time!

Jesus simply refuses to be cornered by the curious crowd. He will not be put on a leash to perform miracles at their bidding. Where is Jesus? He is where he is needed most. If he has to walk across three or four miles of storm tossed waves, so be it. The crowd was looking for a manna machine, not a Savior. When the crowd is confronted with its true need many turned back and no longer followed Jesus (v. 66).

Where is Jesus today? He is headed toward those who realize how much they desperately need a Savior.

Author: Duane C. Brush

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