Walk In Obedience

February 10th, 2013

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John 15:18-25

Gene and Joyce met Dr. Modupe Taylor-Pearce from Sierre Leone while working with the Billy Graham team in Amsterdam in July 2000.

A friend called Modupe and Olive early one morning, the rebel army had invaded and was marching their direction. Also, inmates from prison had been released and given weapons. Soon bullets fell on their house like raindrops. Angry soldiers and murderers surrounded them. They knelt in the center of their home praying earnestly.

Suddenly their door crashed open and two rebel soldiers burst in. They said, “We’re going to kill you, but first–fix us something to eat. We’re hungry!” Olive quickly heated some food –treating them like invited guests. Modupe kept saying, “Jesus loves you!” He even prayed a lengthy prayer before they ate!

One soldier asked, “Could your God forgive me?” Modupe assured him Jesus could. Then those tough soldiers knelt in that tiny kitchen while Modupe prayed another long prayer. Afterward, Modupe said, “Don’t forget–Jesus loves you!”

Their lives were spared as two hardened soldiers saw Jesus’ love in action.

Author: Joyce Williams

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