Be Fruitful!

February 9th, 2013

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John 15:1-17

One of my favorite traditions I shared with my daughters Tami and Beth. When they were growing up we would go to the apple orchards in early fall and pick fruit to enjoy throughout the cold winter months. There is something special about walking through the kaleidoscope of colored leaves, picking apples, and stashing them in our buckets. Some of the best ones never made it home. We couldn’t resist biting into them. Oh the delicious delight of apple juice running down our chins!

Although we shared our apples with others, we still always seemed to get more fruit than we could eat. Inevitably, some of them would get soft and begin to rot before we could enjoy them.

That is not true of the fruit the Lord commissions us to gather when we share the gospel with others. It is such a joy to know that when we witness and let our light shine we are collecting “fruit” for eternity.

Sure, I miss those orchard experiences with my girls. But I still enjoy the blessing of walking through the fields around me each day, plucking eternal fruit that will last forever.

Author: Joyce Williams

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