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February 8th, 2013




Hebrews 9:11-22

The world was horrified by the savage murders of Graham Staines, a missionary to lepers in India, and his two young sons in 1999. A mob discovered them camped out in their station wagon. They broke windows and prevented them from escaping. They were savagely beaten and pierced with small spears. Then straw was put under the vehicle and torched. Graham held his sons as fire consumed them. Their murderers gleefully watched them burn to death.

Later at the leper colony when his wife, Gladys, and their daughter, Esther, learned of the horrible tragedy they were deeply saddened. Their hearts, however, were filled with compassion as the grieving lepers gathered around them. After the memorial service, Gladys sat on the dirt floor and comforted the lepers in their grief.

Many wondered what Gladys would do when Esther returned to boarding school. After much prayer God made it very clear he wanted her to remain in India and continue to work with the lepers, and that is what she did. And although her loved ones are gone, Jesus is always near.

Author: Joyce Williams

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