Transformed Life

January 30th, 2013

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2 Corinthians 3:7-18

I rushed into the Intensive Care Unit. Edwin, for whom I had prayed many years, was dying. Although he was intubated he frantically moved his head from side to side. Oblivious of the nurses I grasped Edwin’s hand and urgently asked, “Are you ready to give your heart to the Lord?” Almost imperceptively he stubbornly shook his head “No.” Again, I urged him to pray with me. And once more he refused. The third time I squeezed his hand, and said, “Edwin! You are dying! You must repent and get right with God. I promised your mother to always pray for your salvation. Please pray right now and ask God to forgive you!”

As I prayed the sinner’s prayer with him, I felt Edwin’s thrashing subside. When I opened my eyes I was touched to see tears streaming down those wrinkled, sin scarred cheeks! I cried, “You prayed with me, didn’t you?” He slowly nodded his head. Peace and joy spread across his face.

That day I saw that although the house of flesh in which Edwin had lived was fading, the life that comes from the indwelling Spirit was fresh and new–vibrant and shining.

Author: Joyce Williams


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