The Children’s Song

January 9th, 2013

Matthew 21:1-17  RG AUDIO 010913


There is nothing sweeter than children singing praises to God. Whether it is a children’s choir, a Christmas program or the simple choruses sung in Sunday school. Something about children’s voices raised in song is thrilling to the heart of adults, especially parents.

Jesus has just entered the city in triumph and made his way to the temple. The children continue the praises sung during the parade. It is a song of recognition–they know who Jesus is and they praise him for being the “Son of David,” the Messiah. It is a song of petition: “Hosanna!”–“save us!”

There are always the critics, too, when children sing. The chief priests and teachers of the law are frightened for their own positions and power so they try to stifle the song of joy. Certainly, they understand the significance of Jesus’ entry, but they are too self-concerned to lose themselves in the praise.

The roles are reversed and the children have become our teachers. Will we follow their simple, sincere abandonment and learn to enjoy what God is doing in our midst? Or will we grumble and complain because it is not the way we want it?

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