The Rewards of Worship

January 3rd, 2013

Jeremiah 31:10-20RG AUDIO 010313

Jeremiah 31 contains the verse 15, which is also quoted in Matthew 2 referring to the slaughter of the children. The horror and devastation of that massacre cannot be imagined. Yet, in the Jeremiah passage, this horror is sandwiched between words of hope and healing.

Verses 10-14 speak of ransom and redemption, provision and plenty. Restoration of the crushed will result in celebration as the people enjoy the fruit of the Lord’s blessing. The picture of abundance is quite detailed, demonstrating the completeness of healing found in the Redeemer.

Verses 17-20 speak of hope fulfilled as the people repent of stubborn, willful sin; endure discipline; and return to the Lord. The emphasis here is on the Lord’s untiring compassion and love for his people, while he patiently waits for them to respond to him in repentance and reverence.

Verse 15 is the pivot linking the two together. The reality of suffering and sorrow is strong, but so is the promise of restoration and renewal. The Lord will provide all we need–and more.


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