The Cost of Worship

January 2nd, 2013

Matthew 2:13-23RG AUDIO 010213

Evidence of divine direction is in every element of the birth of Christ. Not only is the purpose of the birth revealed to both Mary and Joseph through angelic visitation, but Gentile magi are led to the Christ child by means of a star and later commanded in a dream to avoid King Herod. Now, Joseph is directed by two dreams: to leave Bethlehem for Egypt and later to leave Egypt and return to Israel.

These divine interventions provided not only guidance but protection. The Gentile magi were wise and must have perceived that King Herod was insincere in his stated desire to go and worship the child himself. A dream warning them was obeyed readily. This may have bought Joseph some time.

Joseph already had practice in obeying directive dreams.

This divine-human partnership reflects God’s perfect will. He will reveal, provide, and protect, but we must respond in obedience. Surrender of our will and submission to God’s will is the price of true worship.

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