Worship The Eternal One

January 1st, 2013

Micah 5:1-9RG AUDIO 010113

The Old Testament prophet Micah in chapter 5 includes the prophecy of the Messiah’s birth quoted by the priests and teachers of the law to King Herod regarding the inquiry of the magi. It is interesting to note that they were more interested in location–Bethlehem. Verse two, however, speaks of the Christ’s very nature as the Eternal One, from “ancient times.” These “ancient times” may be interpreted as before creation, before a human timeline was instituted.

Not only does Micah address Christ’s eternal nature, but his kingship and power. He will be a “shepherd” who has the strength and majesty of the Lord, bringing true peace (v. 4). There will be conflict, even war, but Christ will be the victor (v. 9).

As we reflect upon this beautiful image of our Savior, the one who brings peace, provides for all our needs and rules in love and justice, we must respond in adoration and awe. He is eternal and we are mortal. He is the Creator and we are the creation. Let us bow before him in reverence and submission, confident in his victory.

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