Faithful Hospitality

December 27th, 2012

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3 John 1-8

There is nothing harder to refute than the life of a faithful believer. There is great power in watching a person who strives against sin and lives a holy life. But there is even greater power in watching a person who is so full of the Holy Spirit that he or she loves others just as Christ would. This is something that defies all attempts at explanation, leaving only the mystery of Christ’s indwelling of the faithful believer.

This was the phenomenon at work in Gaius’s church. John writes with a heart swelling so full of joy that you can almost see the buttons popping off his shirt. What is the reason for his pride? The church, few but faithful, were broadcasting their love for Jesus by showing hospitality and love to others. For John, this gift of hospitality is part of walking in the truth.

In some areas of the world hospitality is a lost art. In other areas it is a thriving practice that brings joy and healing to many. Continue to faithfully live out your love for God by welcoming those who need to share what you have been given.

Author: Michaele LaVigne



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