An Unexpected Encounter

December 24th, 2012

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Luke 2:21-33

I have always been amazed at this part in the Christmas story. How did Simeon know that Mary and Joseph, who were complete strangers, had the newborn Messiah with them? How did he even find this little family in the crowd of people at the temple?

Luke must have anticipated these questions, because three times he mentions the Holy Spirit’s work and guidance in Simeon’s life. Simeon had been promised that he would see the Savior before he died. He was living a life of expectation. This attitude is what allowed Simeon to be so in tune with the Holy Spirit. It was the Spirit who led Simeon into the temple courts that day, and it was the Spirit who made Joseph’s family immediately recognizable. Simeon could say “my eyes have seen your salvation,” because he was looking for it.

When we expect something to happen, we are watchful and alert. We pay more attention to the signs around us, ready at any moment. Our expectation leads us to be more aware and desirous of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Are you living a life of expectation that propels you to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit?

Author: Michaele LaVigne


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