Victim To Victor

December 7th, 2012

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Isaiah 41:11-20

We live in a “victimocracy.” Many people “wound identify.” Some use their victimhood, according to Richard Rohr in Falling Upward, as their ticket to sympathy and their excuse for not serving.

Who could blame the Israelites in Isaiah 41 for feeling like victims. They had been bullied into a ghetto in Babylon. Earlier they had been terrorized by Assyrian armies. And who could forget Egyptian slavery? No wonder they self-identified as victims.

When God called them to reclaim their homeland they made excuses. They feared that the nations they had to trudge through would slaughter them. But Yahweh assured them that any nation to make war on them would be put to shame. The Lord said, “Do not fear; I will help you” (vv. 12-13).

Yahweh promised that when they prayed for a sip of water he would send rivers, springs, and pools! More water than they could imagine.

The Son of God in a manger proves once again that God will do whatever it takes to let his people know that he loves them more than they can imagine.

Author: Wesley Tracy


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One Response to “Victim To Victor”

  1. Barbara Says:

    December 7th, 2012 at 8:05 am

    “The Son of God in a manger proves once again that God will do whatever it takes to let his people know that he loves them more than they can imagine.” The following is for those that don’t understand the “once again.” (I apologize for its length.)

    In the beginning, God gave us life, for which we didn’t seem to know how to show our appreciation. Furthermore, HE gave us HIS Voice, to which we appear to have grown deaf. Therefore, after several disappointments, God gave us a promise to a land of milk and honey and an introduction to some commandments that would save us much pain, heartache, and grief . . . but as most children; we failed to trust and take heed to the warnings of “Our Father.”

    After many years of High Priests, kings, judges, and anointed ones to help keep peace and order in the world, understanding children will be children, GOD gave us HIS Only Begotten Son as our big brother example with many wise teachings that would save us much despair, if only we could follow in His footsteps by taking up “our” cross with all its thorns that society had imprinted in our minds . . . but our fleshly desires complicated matters.

    Hence, HE led us up to a climax in which HE allowed His own Son to die in order that we might live, but many doubt that actual fact.
    Therefore, knowing that doubt would edge itself within the human heart, God didn’t want to leave us hanging on unreliable sources; so, to document the facts, HE, again, gave us divinely inspired writings; but we have a hard time understanding and blame many of the misunderstandings on transcription errors.

    Each heart (that has accepted Jesus as their Savior) appears to hear just a little differently due to our individualized choices that have effects of hardening or softening the heart. Some can’t reach spiritual maturity due to the fact that their minds make improper choices. Thus, the cutting away (the circumcision) of the protective layer of our own hearts (that naturally denies our own evilness) goes to the victor that properly confesses (getting the lie out of the heart) and is earnestly trying to repent of their own sins (with the assistance of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name).

    Knowing that not one is perfect, God gives us a promise that if we accept HIS Son as Our Savior, we will be rewarded with eternal life after a physical death . . . but there’s so much controversy regarding whether or not HIS Son was just a great man, or, so very much more. Being the greatest who ever lived, He not only preformed miracles, taught many wise teachings; but was crucified by the leaders of that day fearing He was going to overpower them.
    Even though He fulfilled prophecies and actually rose from the dead, His authority is still in question today.

    Knowing that mankind needs HIS interaction in our lives, we were given the Holy Spirit in Jesus name to teach and train us in righteousness; but we don’t realize His righteousness is just what we need to get by in this world.

    Knowing that many would not believe, God gave us the twelve apostles having the responsibility of setting up a system by which we should counsel and encourage one another . . . but far too many discouraging words and actions come out of those within the church systems that are supposed to know better. Therefore, many do not go to church because of want they perceive as hypocrisy; whereas, others have a difficult time going because of the conviction of Holy Spirit on their flesh.

    Again, the All-Knowing God knew we were going to fail because of the weaknesses of our flesh; therefore, HE created a learning curve for His students by foretelling of great trials and tribulations that would result in the end . . . but . . . only those that can hear the sound will know its meaning. For it is them that have done their homework by studying and putting into practice the principles that Jesus teaches (enduring many injustices of the world as they daily practice Christian living, witnessing and the ever-hard turning of the other cheek).

    Consequently, the learning curve of God’s love through the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name teaches us HIS original intent and gives us a goal (which enters us into “a race” in which only truth & justice will prevail — in what appears to be a never ending course that “could end” or change right around the corner (with or without that twinkling-of-the-eye experience).

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