Fit to be Overheard

November 8th, 2012

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Psalm 19:1-14

Would it change the way you live or speak if you knew that every word from your mouth and every thought in your mind would be examined by God?

Several years ago I was talking about someone to a friend on the telephone. Suddenly, the person I was speaking about walked around the corner and into my office. My heart sunk! What did they hear? How long were they there? What should I do?

The person acknowledged me and left some papers on my desk, then turned and walked out the door. I quickly got off the phone call and raced outside to try to catch them before they left, but I was too late. I got in my car and went to where this person worked to ask for their forgiveness. Since that day I have tried not to say anything about anyone that I would not say to them directly. I haven’t always been successful with that standard, but it is a worthy goal that I want to keep striving for.

As you begin each new day, make a conscious commitment to God that you’ll allow him to guide you in what you say and how you think.


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  1. Barbara Says:

    November 8th, 2012 at 6:54 am

    The illustrated circumstance was, no doubt, humbling.

    Do you really think that was a coincidence?

    Faith hears that God was letting the writer know that HE saw that.
    Some learn as the writer did, but many don’t. Psalm 59:12′

    A good test for gossip is: “If you’re not part of the problem or part of the answer, it shouldn’t be discussed.

    Jesus knocks at our door (John 12:32) before and after we acknowledge Him.

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