We Could All Use A Little Help

October 3rd, 2012

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Job 2:11-13

What do you really think about Job’s friends? They go to where he is, they weep, tear their clothes, and cover themselves in dust. Then they sit on the ground with him for seven days and seven nights. Seem extreme? They are with Job in the midst of his devastating experiences. It appears to me, that at this point, Job’s friends are doing a good job. Sometimes we just need to know someone will be with us, help us stand, hold onto us while we stumble or even fall under the weight of an unjust happening.

Have you ever accompanied anyone in their extreme circumstances? How good of a friend have you been?

Do you know who understands the importance of being our companion, counselor, keeper through every conceivable life situation? That, of course, is Jesus. You can count on him. And he, someday, may just want to use you to be a “stick around” friend for someone who is passing through deep waters.


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