How Much Like Job Are You?

October 1st, 2012

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Job 2:1-6

Certainly all of us have had bad days when we thought everyone was against us. Job did, and yet God says that Job “maintains his integrity.” What an amazing statement. Job maintained his honor, his reliability, his uprightness.

Imagine that. His life is in shambles, things are falling down all around him, and God has allowed the devil do anything but kill him. Job maintains his integrity. He didn’t get angry or complain. He worshiped God (1:20). Job remains loyal to God. In Job chapter 2, he doesn’t remind God that he has been a good person or even ask God for an explanation. He worshiped God!

I confess that I need to be more like Job. What about you? Would you pass the integrity test?

What is going on in your life? Are these great days, or is your world crashing around you? Jesus never gives up on any one of us. He was faithful unto death for you and me.


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