Louder Than Words

September 19th, 2012

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Romans 15:23—16:5

The currency of love is paid through actions, not words. The words “I would die for you” disintegrate in the power of the act itself. But it takes someone special to both die for and to be saved by someone; you wouldn’t throw yourself in harm’s way for just anyone.

But that is exactly what Aquila and his wife, Priscilla, did for Paul. Paul was in danger and their actions of extreme courage and love saved him. Only love would spur someone on to such self-sacrifice; the love that this married couple showed to Paul mirrors the love that Jesus showed to us. You may not feel like you’re worth much, but to him, you are worth every minute of agony if it meant that you would accept the truth of his love and your forgiveness.

Paul told everyone what Priscilla and Aquila had done for him and how their actions were responsible for his life and the life of the church. Therefore, just as Paul spread the word of their love and courage, we should share what Jesus has done for us through his love.

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