Our Weakness, God’s Strength

September 8th, 2012

Acts 16:27-40RG AUDIO 090812

I once saw a truck with a decal on the window that said, “Si Dios quiere, el hombre puede.” That’s Spanish for “If God wants it, man can do it.” This little proverb stuck with me because it succinctly affirms that God is the most important factor in any success we achieve. In fact, we can find many examples in Scripture of God’s glory and power shining all the more brightly because he did great things through a person’s area of weakness. God likes to work that way because it becomes obvious to observers that he is real and involved in our lives.


The freeing of Paul and Silas in jail was an extreme example of this. No one could explain it away. Paul and Silas were helpless, and all the glory went to God. Best of all, this bad situation ended up furthering the spread of the gospel to the jailer and his household. It might sound strange, but since Paul’s goal was to spread the gospel in Philippi, this situation should be considered a success!


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