The Source of Satisfaction

September 6th, 2012

Acts 16:1-15RG AUDIO 090612

We receive conflicting messages about the rich, famous, and powerful. Through television and magazines we get tours of their homes and details of their romantic relationships. This often gives the impression that they are completely fulfilled. On the other hand, we get regular updates on stars whose lives are falling apart. They’ve been to “the top” and find emptiness where they expected satisfaction.

Lydia, Paul’s first convert in Philippi, was a seller of purple cloth. Purple cloth was expensive and usually reserved for the rich, the powerful, and the royal. Lydia was wealthy and had her own home. She probably knew all the high-society types in the area. This may be a stretch, but I wonder if she was the first-century equivalent of a fashion designer. Just think of the great opportunities Lydia must have had to share the gospel with the elite of Philippi–people who were successful by worldly standards, but who were empty without Christ.

People today need to know what Lydia knew. Wealth, fame, and power don’t ultimately satisfy–Christ does.


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