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August 25th, 2012

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Galatians 4:8-20

Nothing could prepare Mary for the joy and wonder of watching her daughter give birth to her first child, her first grandson. While she had experienced childbirth twice herself, watching helplessly while she endured it was indescribable. Mary could only pray and give her comfort and instruction along the way. She had to do the work herself.

While the pain was difficult and exhausting, she had the determination to endure, knowing what the blessed outcome would be a beautiful son.

Paul feels the same kind of pain as he struggles in prayer for the Galatians, eager to see a holy result–healthy baby Christians! He is deeply concerned that they not be led astray. From a distance, he pleads with them to seek the truth. He compares his experience to that of a woman in labor.

Is there someone in your life for whom you are praying, pleading with God to lead them to truth and new life? Keep praying! Trust God to lead them into his light as you set the example in your own life.


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