August 22nd, 2012

RG AUDIO 082212

Philemon 1-11

When I was a new Christian, I heard Mary Anderson, a long-time missionary to India, speak. I’ll never forget her face. It had a glow about it. She shined with the love of Jesus to all around. She spoke with joy of how God had used various circumstances in the lives of her family–both good and bad–for his glory and to show them his hand at work. Her words inspired and strengthened my faith, and renewed my determination to serve God at any cost.

I met her again a few years later. Her prayer in those days was that God would order her priorities. Once again, her life of complete surrender spoke to my own heart and relationship with God.

Mary is only one of the outstanding Christians I’ve met over the years. It is not that God singled out these people for extra blessings; they simply recognize God at work and desire to give him the credit. Their faith, enthusiasm, and dependence on God are contagious. Jesus’ love shines through their countenance. They can’t help but touch and influence the lives of others.



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